Since 2006, EDIBLE NUTMEG has been Connecticut’s source for information about regional food, farming, sustainability, and the local communities that support it. The print edition is published quarterly and can be found in restaurants and cafes, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, bookstores, retail shops, fitness centers, hotels, and resorts throughout western Connecticut. Click here to find a copy.

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DANA JACKSON is editor and publisher of Edible Nutmeg. His appreciation and advocacy for local and sustainable food systems is built from many years of working in and with the outdoors. He has spent time as an ocean kayaking guide, a ski instructor, a ranger for the Bureau of Land Management, an English teacher, and an organic vegetable farmer, all of which contribute to his appreciation for Connecticut’s vibrant landscape and rich agricultural and culinary traditions. A resident of Litchfield County, Dana endeavors to highlight the best of Connecticut’s local food systems.

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